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Health Briefs

Ditch Junk Food and Live Better from Health Briefs TV


Learn how to avoid eating junk food every day

We love junk food. Those salty foods, sodas, fast food, and really tasty treats full of sugar and fat. And we especially like any meal that can be made within minutes. Health Briefs TV offers advice on how to ditch junk food and live better.


One of the things we learned is to keep a food journal for one week. Add everything eaten and then evaluate what is not healthy. For my part, I realized that the Lean Cuisine meals I like to heat up for lunch have an incredible amount of sodium in them. What do you often eat that may not be healthy?


It takes about six weeks to fully ditch a bad habit. The best way to start is to take it one day at a time. Try bringing a healthy lunch from home to work instead of rushing to the nearest fast food place. Do this three days a week. Cook dinner at home. There are very simple and healthy meals anyone can make.


The Health Briefs TV show encourages readers to eat junk food in moderation. It won’t hurt to have that burger and fries every once in a while. Every now and then we want some chips or a slice of pizza or a piece of cake. The trick is to enjoy it and then get back to a healthy eating. Believe us when we say it saves money and lives.

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