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Health Briefs TV — February is American Heart Month


February is American Heart Month


February is American Heart Month. Today, we will address how every American can start to reduce their chances of developing heart disease. Health Briefs TV will outline simple steps to take to make sure you are here tomorrow for your loved ones.




  • If you smoke, stop. There are several products in stores to help lower the addiction to nicotine. Find the one that works best for you and your lifestyle and start using it today. You will the immediate affects of quitting on day one. No more strain on the heart and lungs.


  • Carrying extra weight? Take one walk per day for 30 minutes at a somewhat brisk pace. Do it before work, during a lunch break or after dinner. It all adds up. If this is not something you would like, buy a pedometer and work toward getting 10,000 steps a day.


  • Give away or throw away any food which contains white flour, sugar and sodium. Replace it with healthier foods and snacks such as whole wheat pasta, fruit and veggies, hummus, and fresh fish and chicken. It really does taste better than all the processed foods.


Cardiovascular disease killed an average of one American every 40 seconds in 2010, according to a 2013 report on heart disease and stroke statistics from the American Heart Association. The Health Briefs TV show does not want one reader to become one more statistic. Take care of your heart during this American Heart Month. You are not the only one who will benefit from it.

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