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Health Briefs on Where to Find Affordable Child Healthcare


Best health options for children’s medical issues

The Affordable Care Act is in effect in the United States and with it comes many options in choosing where to take your child for health and medical concerns. Health Briefs TV shares thoughts on where to find affordable child healthcare.


Children go through many different childhood health and medical issues from bad scrapes on the knee to catching the flu. Where their parents and caretakers take them to be treated depends on if they carry health insurance or not, and how serious the health/medical problem is.


The American Association of Pediatricians would prefer that children in their care be taken to them for everything. This ensures continuity of care. Parents take their kids to the doctor for serious health issues like the flu or allergies. Pediatricians do offer continued and coordinated care and keep track of all immunizations and childhood illnesses. They take most insurance plans and co-pays are less than the regular visit price at an in-store medical clinic. It’s reassuring for parents to know that the doctor knows their child and its medical history.


In-store medical clinics are great in a pinch (and to pinch some pennies). Wait times are shorter than a doctor’s office and the pharmacy is within feet of the clinic. They are good options for minor problems such as a badly scraped knee, a dog big or bee sting. Visit prices on average run about $70 to $90 without any tests being run. They also take most insurance plans. But they do not provide continued and coordinated care for patients.


The Health Briefs television show does not endorse one option over the other but does offer tips on possible alternatives. It is the sole choice for any parent or caretaker.



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