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Insomnia – Are You Asleep Yet?

Sunday is daylight savings time in the US. We set our clocks forward one hour ahead. This means we lose one hour of nighttime sleep. To most people, this is harmless if not a little annoying. To someone who cannot get to sleep, this is a problem.

There are 50 to 70 million people in the US who have wakefulness disorder or some form of insomnia. The roots of it can go back as far as childhood. It is linked with suicide and heart problems. Some of the supposed cures for insomnia can be as simple as making a relaxing playlist, acupuncture, adding lavender and other relaxing herbs to your bedroom and having a glass of Ovaltine. But ask anyone who cannot get to sleep and they will tell you that none of them work. Sometimes, over the counter medicine works, sometimes prescription medicine works and sometimes both do not.

How To Get to Sleep

• Turn off your mind. Don’t focus on anything but sleep an hour before you get into bed.
• Leave electronics in another room and powered off.
• Do not watch TV or read the newspaper before bed.
• Read something easy like a magazine article.
• When your eyes become sore or sleepy, turn the light off and close your eyes.
• If you do not drift off to sleep within an hour, think about something other than what is running through your mind.
• If all of this fails, call your doctor and ask to see him about the insomnia.

What Causes Insomnia

• Stress
• Childhood or adult trauma
• Chronic pain
• Substance abuse
• Advanced age
• Shift work, travel
• A sedentary lifestyle

Sleep deprivation, no matter the source, causes accidents on the roads, mistakes at work and poor behavior. Learn how to manage insomnia before on Health Briefs TV before something bad happens.

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