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Health Briefs

Happy, Healthy Seniors are a Treasure

Seniors are living longer and staying healthier. This is common knowledge. There are an abundance of activities which are geared specifically to the older generation that helps them get healthy and stay healthy. These activities range include senior exercise classes to playing video games. So there really is something to look forward to as we, as a population, age.

Healthier Meals

As we grow older, our body organs function a little less than they did before. Cellular changes in the body also affect wellness. Good nutrition helps boost immune systems which may be compromised, increase energy and mental clarity. Fiber is a good source for keeping regular and preventing gastrointestinal problems. Calcium is good for increasing and maintaining bone density. Foods rich in vitamins and nutrients help strengthen eye sight and overall energy. Spices and herbs have long been touted to aid in bodily functions. Add more of them to meals to make them taste better and get the health benefits of them. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Cut down on fat and carbohydrates which can slow the body down and increase blood pressure. Meal planning is pretty easy as you get older as there are less people in the family to feed and keep happy.  Health Briefs TV suggests to check the local grocery store fliers for sale items and meal ideas. Many markets now offer easy recipes and place all the items needed for them in the front of the store.

Exercise for Energy and Strength

Almost every city in the United States has a senior exercise program. These classes are either free or very low cost. Medicare covers the cost of some classes. The routines in the class can be tailored to each person’s activity level and they are designed to boost energy, balance, and strength, which helps older joints and muscles from becoming stiff. It also is a good way to prevent falls. Studies have proven that the social factor in joining an exercise class is sometimes more beneficial than the exercise itself. Camaraderie is so valuable to someone who lives alone and doesn’t get out much. Encourage singles to join you. Offer them a ride. People using canes and walkers are also benefitting from movement classes. The class offers them the chance to move freely, get circulation going again and see that others like them are coming out and making new friends.

Maintaining Eye and Mind Wellness

Hand to eye coordination can be lessened as we get older. Loneliness and depression can creep in and keep those suffering from it inside. Mental clarity deteriorates also. But there are some fun and simple things to do to stave off these undesirables. For example: playing some simple video games is not only fun but helps with mental clarity, hand to eye coordination and can be a great release for stress, frustration and loneliness. There are a lot of affordable games in the stores which everyone will like and have a great time playing. A study by North Carolina State University found that seniors who play video games are more emotionally stable than those who do not. So why not find a good game and controller for the seniors in your life?

A Round-Up of Senior Health News

It is always good to relax on the sofa and watch favorite TV shows. But a life of lethargy does not help muscles, bones, health and emotional well-being. Eating well, getting exercise and socializing are key factors in being a stronger, happier senior. None of these take much effort. It does take a little planning though. Ask the doctor where there are free or low cost senior exercise classes in the area and join one. Head to the discount store to look at the choices for video games.  The Health Briefs TV show recommends  to keep moving, eating well and enjoying life. Because that is what it is all about.

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