Health Briefs

Health Briefs

Easy Desk Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Soreness

Most of us have jobs which require sitting in an office all day. We get in, we sit and start to work. Most of us do not take a lunch break choosing to catch up on email instead. But sitting all day can raise our chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. What can we do to change those statistics? How can we get our blood moving again, stretch sore muscles and relax stiff joints without resorting to yoga in the office?

Everyone knows that exercise is a beneficial to well-being. There are simple steps to take while simply sitting at desk. The steps below will ease any stiffness and soreness and help raise productivity.

The Legs and Feet

  • Raise one leg as high as you can. Hold it for minute and then lower it. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Raise one leg and roll the foot in circle. Roll it the other way next. Lower that leg and repeat with other leg.
  • Lift toes of the ground while leaving heels on the ground. Repeat this a few times. Start over with the other foot.
  • Lift heels off the ground while toes are on the ground. Repeat this a few times.
  • Take the stairs as often as you can.

The Arms and Hands and Torso

  • Raise arms to shoulder height and hold. Feel the pressure in your shoulders ease.
  • Raise one arm. Roll hands around in a circle. Repeat with the other hand.
  • Open and close hands to keep joints and muscles from getting stiff.
  • Rest both hands on the arm rest of your chair. Turn your body as far toward your hands as possible. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  • Lower your head toward your feet. Relax shoulders. Feel the muscles stretch and relax.

Lunch Breaks

There are many people who feel they need to stay at their desk to get things done. Sitting for more than four hours is documented as being detrimental to your overall health. Instead, have a quick bite while perusing email, flag important notes and then head outside or across the floor to get blood moving. When blood begins to flow freely again, creativity emerges and productivity is raised.

We must remind everyone that lunch meetings are not good for anyone’s health. People need to get out and away from work during the break. If employees stay inside, sitting at a conference table for an hour, and then go back to their desks until the end of the day, they will feel lethargic and get less done. Instead, schedule a shorter meeting. Send out the agenda early in the day or the day before and allot a specific amount of time for each person who needs to speak. Everyone will feel better knowing that much was accomplished. We hope you didn’t read this at your desk during lunch hour.

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